Tredici Design

1964 yılında Floransa’da kurulan Tredici Design’ın tüm ürünleri; İtalya’da ve el yapımı olarak üretilir. MURANO camlarını ustalıkla kullanan Tredici, 2013 yılından beri Keyf Interior’da.

The Tredici Design’s story begins in Florence since 1964… We are art craftsmen and every item is made by hand, we may assert that every piece is an unique piece ! Our products and components are 100% made in Italy. Our blown glasses are realized in MURANO and are exclusive for Tredici Design, today the Collections of blown fruit chandeliers are recognized as Tredici Design products all over the world. Our main designer, Daniele Tredici ,uses to work elbow to elbow with the best glass masters or special wrouth iron masters, so we may satisfy every special taste of clients realizing lightings in every size and finish.

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